If your student is absent for any reason we must have notification from the parent/guardian with an explanation of why.  Please include your students first and last name, the date of absence, the reason, and your name. You can:


  1.   Send a note with your student when they return to school. Students can write the note but it MUST be signed by a parent or guardian and turned in to the Attendance Desk.
  2.   Call the attendance office @ 891-3080 option 3.
  3.   Stop by the Attendance desk.
  4.   Leave a message when the auto-dialer calls.
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Off Campus Permits

If you need to pick up your student during school hours, your student will need an off campus permit from the attendance desk prior to leaving campus. The Attendance Clerk will need to know the students first  last name, the reason, the time, and your name.  You can:

     1. Send your student with a note.  (Most convenient because your student 
         can meet you at a designated time and place.) Students can write the note but it MUST be signed by a parent or guardian          and turned in to the Attendance Desk.
     2. Call the attendance office @ 891-3080 option 3.
     3. Stop by the attendance desk.  (Please arrive at least 30 minutes  
         prior to appointment time.  Your student could be in P.E. and it takes longer 
         to contact them and get ready to leave.)
     4. All Students MUST be signed out by who is picking them up.


Excused Tardy Policy
Student must check into front office with:
1. Note from the Doctor
2. Note or call from parent stating student had an appointment
3. Note or call from parent starting student was ill.

Unexcused Tardy Policy

Students who have an unexcused tardy for reasons such as oversleeping or running late must check into the main office before going to class. Each unexcused tardy results in one day of lunchtime detention, to be served the following school day. For every eight unexcused tardies, the student must serve one Saturday School. Please be aware that students who are habitually tardy may be brought before the SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) committee. 

Independent Study

Short Term Independent Study is for students that will be missing 5 or more consecutive school days.
1.  Contact your students counselor 891-3080 at least 1 week prior to the absence. 
2.  Sign contract and get assignment sheet.  (Your students counselor will notify the teachers by email.)
3.  Your student must pick up the assignments from their teachers prior to leaving.
4.  Upon return your student must report to the counseling office to check back in.

The Independent Study program will help keep the student current with their school work.  If you have any questions, you can call or e-mail your counselor, or stop by the Attendance desk for more information.