Ancient History (6th grade)
Kid Info--Ancient History


Taboos and Superstitions of Chinese New Year
China Online
China Fast Facts
Asia Recipe
Origins Of The Samurai
The Exhibitions of the Ancient Chinese Weapons
Chinese Weapons
Tea Culture
Chinese Astrology
China's Overpopulation Problems and the One Child Policy 
Chinese Inventions and Remedies
Chinese Writing
Mr. George's Ancient China links Mr. George is a teacher at a middle school in Maryland.
Asian Cultures links 
Chinese New Year links
China the Beautiful --Links on Chinese art, history, caligraphy, poetry, literature, painting and philosophy 
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook

British Museum
Ancient Egypt for 6th graders
Tour Egypt Recipes
Mummies --How Stuff Works
Playing the Game of Senet
Other Online Egyptian Games
Egyptian Language
Egyptian Links

   Cave Art
The Cave of Chavet - Pont-D'Arc
Chauvet Cave Pictures

World History (7th grade)
Kid Info--World History

     Ancient China
Four Great Inventions of Ancient China
Chinese Inventors and Inventions
Ancient China: Inventions and Technology from the Discovery Channel
The history of tea, according to Stash Tea

    Textbook Lessons
Houghton Mifflin 

African Wildlife Foundation

   Ghana and Mali
Ancient Ghana
Collapse of Mali
Comparison of Mali and Ghana
Ancient Mali History and Geography
Maps of Ghana

    Middle Ages
Medieval Heraldry Game

   Feudal Japan
The World of the Samurai
Mr. Brooks Assignment

U.S. History (8th grade)
Kid Info--American History   

   8th Grade Textbook
Glencoe: The American Journey

   Salem Witch Trials
National Geographic Salem Witch Trials

    Westward Movement
Westward Expansion--Lots of links from University of Kennesaw

         Famous Western Characters
PBS -- New Perspectives on the West
PBS -- The history page
History Channel -- The American West
Western Outlaw and Gunmen Links
Laura Ingalls Wilder Biography

       Lewis and Clark
PBS Lewis & Clark
National Geographic Lewis & Clark Interactive
Discovering Lewis & Clark
The Journals of Lewis & Clark
Map Making
Maps/Did You Know?

All Grades
The History Channel
Kid Info
American Heritage --Magazine articles from American Heritage. Search archives under the Magazine tab.