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Special Education TeachersTop of Page

Calderon, Kristopher Resource 891-3080 Email  
Coorough, Amanda Modified Math, Modified Science
891-3080 ext. 307
Ippisch, Diane Resource
891-3080 ext. 301
Snedeker, Jessica Functional Class 891-3080 ext. 309 Email  
Spinelli, Jimette Modified English, Modified Social Studies 891-3080 ext. 407 Email  
Sutton, Stormie Resource 891-3080 Email  

Welcome to the Special Education Department!Top of Page

We are happy to have you visiting our website. We have many services offered to Bidwell students.

Our "RSP" program offers students extra help as needed, as well as English and Math classes. The term "RSP" stands for Resource Specialist Program (and no, we are not keepers of the school's resources......but we can be quite "resource"-ful when it comes to helping students who may be struggling in school!).

Our "SDC" program, or Special Day Classes, offer a 6th grade, 7th grade and an 8th grade self-contained classroom. 

There are currently six of us in the Special Education Department at Bidwell:
  • Kristopher Calderon, Diane Ippisch and Stormie Sutton teach Resource
  • Jimette Spinelli and Amanda Coorough teach the Special Day Classes
  • Jessica Snedeker teaches the SH class
The Resource Program at Bidwell can work in a variety of ways based upon the needs of each individual student. Some of the students on the "RSP caseload" may be on our monitor list. That means that they come to our classroom from other classes only when they and their classroom teacher feel help is needed.

Other students may be enrolled in a math or English RSP class. These classes work on computational skills or reading and writing skills. Our goal for each student is that he or she is in the "least restrictive environment" based upon his or her individual capabilities and needs.

The SDC Program is run as a self-contained class with all four academics taught within the program. Students enrolled in the SDC program are also enrolled in the elective and physical education classes. 

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: