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7th Grade Class

7th Grade Social Studies

This class studies the social, technological, and cultural changes during the period A.D. 500-1789.
  • Uncovering the Remote Past
  • The Fall of Rome
  • Growth of Islam
  • African States in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times
  • Civilizations of the Americas
  • China
  • Japan
  • Medieval Societies of Europe and Japan
  • Europe during the Renaissance
  • Reformation
  • Scientific Revolution
  • Linking past to present
An animated picture of a knight wearing gold armor on a horse. He is raising his lance

8th Grade Class

8th Grade - US History

This class begins with reviewing of Geographical regions of the U.S. and major ideas, issues, and events founding our nation.
  • Our Colonial Heritage
  • A New Nation
  • The Constitution of the United States
  • Launching the Ship of State
  • The Divergent Paths of the American People: 1800-1850
  • The West
  • The North
  • The South
  • Toward a More Perfect Union: 1850-1879
  • The Rise of Industrial America: 1877-1914
  • Linking Past to Present
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