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7th Grade ClassTop of Page

7th Grade Social Studies

This class studies the social, technological, and cultural changes during the period A.D. 500-1789.
  • Uncovering the Remote Past
  • The Fall of Rome
  • Growth of Islam
  • African States in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times
  • Civilizations of the Americas
  • China
  • Japan
  • Medieval Societies of Europe and Japan
  • Europe during the Renaissance
  • Reformation
  • Scientific Revolution
  • Linking past to present

8th Grade ClassTop of Page

8th Grade - US History

This class begins with reviewing of Geographical regions of the U.S. and major ideas, issues, and events founding our nation.
  • Our Colonial Heritage
  • A New Nation
  • The Constitution of the United States
  • Launching the Ship of State
  • The Divergent Paths of the American People: 1800-1850
  • The West
  • The North
  • The South
  • Toward a More Perfect Union: 1850-1879
  • The Rise of Industrial America: 1877-1914
  • Linking Past to Present
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Online TextbooksTop of Page

Discovering Our Past: Medieval and Early Modern Times
Discovering Our Past: The American Journey to World War I

See your Social Studies teacher for the usernames and passwords needed to access these sites.

The Bidwell Junior Social Science Department is eager to help students understand the importance of history in their lives - how it has created their present and how it will impact their future.

Classes include projects and festivities that bring history to life.

All classes meet the California History-Social Science Content Standards for California Public Schools for Grades 6-7-8.

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