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Sixth Grade Curriculum

Nature of Science-Inventions

Intro to Earth Science


A Trip Through Earth’s History

Plate Tectonics

Rocks and Minerals

Mapping Earth’s surface

Forces that Shape the Earth

Earth’s Changing Surface

Earth’s Water

Earth’s Atmosphere

Weather and Climate

Natural Resources


Seventh Grade Curriculum

Nature of Science & Metric System

Lab Safety

Cell Structure and Function

Photosynthesis, Cell Processes and Energy


Animal Diversity: Invertebrates

Animal Diversity: Vertebrates

Human Body

Mendel and Heredity

Modern Genetics

Changes over time and Classification

Principles of Ecology

Population Dynamics


Eighth Grade Curriculum

Nature of Science

Motion and Force

Energy, Work, and Simple Machines

Electricity and Magnetism

Waves and Electromagnetic Spectrum

Sound, Light, Mirror and Lenses


Atoms and the Periodic Table

Chemical Bonds and Equations

Solutions, Acids and Bases

Thermal Energy

students with handmade miniature roller coaster
girl and boy in goggles with sheeps brain in front of them
science class at desks
pink and yellow rock made by student
class gathered around ambulance and stretcher for demonstration

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