PE Makeups

PE makeups will be every other Thursday this semester. Students need to attend one PE makeup per period of PE missed in order to receive participation credit. PE makeups will be on the following dates:


  • September 6

  • September20

  • October 4

  • October 18

  • November 1

  • November 15

  • November 29

  • December 13

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California Exemplary School Physical Education Award

Gold star on blue field surrounded by A California exemplary arts education program
Bidwell Jr. High is a California Exemplary School in Physical Education. Bidwell is one of only sixteen schools in the state to receive this honor and one of two schools north of Sacramento. Representatives of the State Department of Education, Governor's Council on Physical Education and Health, and the American Cancer Society presented this award to our school. We earned this honor working in conjunction with our Health Department demonstrating that our program is committed to the well being of our students, the community, and our staff. This is a comprehensive award, accomplished by not only the Physical Education and Health Departments, but by all the staff, students, parents and community members.  

All classes meet the California Physical Education Content Standards for California Public Schools for Grades 6-7-8.
Sports equipment such as tennis racket, football, soccer ball, etc.
Bidwell students climbing school rock wall
Middle school students on track, running
Four girls on parallel bars, upside down