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The purpose of the BJHS Honors Program is to prepare our honors students for Advanced Placement (AP) and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in high school. AP and IB courses allow students to take college-level classes in their sophomore, junior, and senior years and receive college credit with a passing score on the corresponding end-of-course exams. Junior high Honors teachers will articulate their courses with their high school colleagues’ AP/IB courses in order to increase the number of CUSD students who feel prepared to take on those challenges.


Since AP and IB courses presume students are willing to put in the extra work necessary to meet college-level expectations, junior high Honors courses also require that students work hard to prepare themselves for that situation. Junior high Honors teachers will structure and pace their courses to support students in gaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter through accelerated pacing and more advanced literature choices. In other words, junior high Honors courses challenge students to push themselves to “think like a scientist/writer/social scientist” even more so than in traditional classes.


Honors Program Instructors


Cyndee Mendonca-Douglas - English 6 Honors

Hollis Enserro - English 7 Honors (Website)

Kamala Purl - English 8 Honors



Christa Molchen - Social Studies 6 Honors

Bill Battaglia - World History 7 Honors (Website)

Jim Nash - U.S. History 8 Honors (Website)



Caty Harris - Science 6 Honors (Website)

Mike Riley - Science 7 Honors (Website)

Judy Hass - Science 8 Honors (Website)

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