Beginning Band

In this class students will choose an instrument that they will learn over the school year and is for students with no instrumental experience or with one year of experience in elementary school. Woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments are taught in this class.  Students will learn how to read music notation and basic music theory and will put on performances and other concerts as part of the class.  

Trumpet and clarinet instruments crossed over each other

Concert Band

This band class is for our most advanced students.  Students in this class will further develop their skills in instrumental performance.  In order to enroll in this class, you must have at least one year of beginning band or set up a private audition.  The concert band puts on many concerts throughout the school year and will often go on field trips for those performances.

Brass tuba


This class is open to any student who wants to learn to sing.  Students will learn to read music and will develop sight-singing skills.  Students will perform a variety of music using diverse languages and skills.

Microphone with choir members singing in back