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Connecting kids to school, peers, adults, community and life by providing places for them to belong.
- Bidwell Jr. High School Student Leadership Mission Statement

The Leadership class is a yearlong course open to 7th and 8th grade students who desire to develop leadership skills and work toward a positive school climate.  This will be accomplished by involvement in classroom lessons and activities, student government, student and staff recognition programs, student activities and school/community service. 

This course has two parts:  Leadership development and activities.  You will develop leadership skills through direct participation in the planning, implementing and assessing of a variety of student and staff activities, as well as through teacher led discussions on topics such as goal-setting, communication, decision-making, leadership styles, money management and meeting skills. 

Course Goals:  
To develop responsibility, self-esteem, initiative, creativity, leadership and school pride. 
To allow students to participate in, or manage, co-curricular affairs. 
To encourage productive student-faculty relationships. 
To develop positive school/community relationships and peer/peer relationships.
Student Expectations:  
Students are expected to model the qualities of a leader such as respect, dependability, accountability and trustworthiness. 
Students will be expected to present themselves as positive role models to the students at Bidwell Jr. High. 
Students are expected to be available at various times before, during and after school to participate in student activities. 
Students are expected to participate in ALL activities supported by Bidwell Jr. High Student Leadership.
Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA during each quarter of the school year with no "D" or "F" grades.  Citizenship grades of "W" or "U" are also unacceptable.  Failure to maintain these grade minimums will result in removal from leadership class. 
Students are expected to arrive to class on time everyday with paper, pencil and course notebook. 
Grading: (Click HERE for a copy of my grading rubric) 
The purpose of a grading policy is to insure an equitable procedure for assigning letter grades, to encourage student participation in class discussions and committee work, and to provide the student body of Bidwell Jr. High with an effective leadership class and student government.  The following categories will be assessed using a rubric scoring method:
Course Notebook (Click HERE to see what goes into the course notebook)
This will be collected and evaluated once per quarter. 
Community Service (Click HERE for a list of local agencies and community service ideas)
A commitment of an extended period of time serving the community. 
A          =          8 hours of service          (4 hours per quarter) 
B          =          6 hours of service          (3 hours per quarter) 
C          =          4 Hours of service          (2 hours per quarter) 
D          =          2 Hours of service          (1 hour per quarter) 

Active participation in dress up days, dances and other school events. 
Graded subjectively based on my observations of your classroom behavior, attitude, enthusiasm, and responsibility to your assigned commissions and assignments 

It is my hope that you find this course helpful, and I know the staff and student body of Bidwell Junior High are grateful for your efforts. 
-Mr. Battaglia

Back of leadership t-shirt with names of students
students at rally
two puzzle pieces spelling out leadership
four leadership students at crab feed

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