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Who are Peer Mediators

The Peer Mediators are a group of students and counselors who work to positively influence their school and community. We help resolve conflicts between peers, educate others about mental health awareness, and try to make the world around us a better place.

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Get to Know Our Mediators!

Make your own Coping Jar

Coping jar

How to Make a Calm Down Jar

We all Have Mental Health

You are special
You Matter

Be you!


need to heal quote
You're not alone!
self care
Self Love!

Social Media is Meant to Lift You Up!

Mental Health

We are in this together!

Get outside and eat healthy
Hidden Strengths
Together in spirit

Remember your Self Care! Created by Andres Coronel

Break the Stigma!

Social Media and Teens

Rooted in Love

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