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Telephone Calls and Forgotten Items

Due to the importance of classroom instructional time, phone calls and/or items left for students will not be routed directly to the classroom. However, as a courtesy, if you do need to leave something for your child, label the item and turn it in to the front office. The item will be placed on the pick-up table by office staff.
PLEASE NOTE: It is each student’s responsibility to pick up the items left for them in the office. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. For this reason, we strongly suggest that parents and students double check their preparedness and communication prior to the start of school each day rather than rely on drop offs.
Phone messages to students will be delivered as soon as possible to the classroom by the main office. Part of the development of student responsibility is dealing with the consequences of forgotten items. PE clothes, lunches and assignments will not be delivered to students.

School Dance Expectations

  • School dress code applies.

  • The dance is for Bidwell students only.

  • Appropriate dancing styles only (teacher discretion).

  • Respect all decorations and equipment.

  • No student may leave the dance early without parent consent and transportation.

  • No student will be admitted after 7:00pm.

  • All students must be picked up by 8:45pm or student will not be allowed to attend the next dance without parental chaperone.

  • Failure to follow rules may result in dismissal from dance.

Junior High Promotional Requirements

1. Counselors at each jr. high shall be responsible for the promotional requirement program, monitoring student progress and recommending appropriate remediation as needed.  Counselors shall consult with a student s language arts, reading and/or mathematics teachers to determine academic progress towards district established standards in reading, language arts and mathematics.
2. Promotion for 6th, 7th and 8th graders enrolled at the jr. high schools will be based upon:
  a) Credits: A student will earn 50 out of 60 credits each year for promotion to the next grade,including credits earned in the remediation/intervention program.  The same class may not be failed twice.
  b) Semester Grades: Credits will be calculated by semester, but reviewed quarterly to identify students in need of participation in the remediation/intervention program.
  c) Attendance: A student must attend a minimum of 85% of total school days each year.
  d) Multiple Measures: A student must demonstrate proficiency at the Meets Standard level on CUSD multiple measures for his/her grade level in reading, writing and mathematics.  Students who score above the 39th percentile on the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT9) in reading and mathematics may be exempt from other multiple measures in these subject areas. Students who score below the 40th percentile in reading and mathematics on the SAT9 shall meet the other multiple measures at the Meets Standard level for those subjects.
  e) Review Committee: A review committee comprised of the principal/designee, counselor, parent, student and any other person deemed relevant by the parent or school will be established at each site to consider special circumstances of students not meeting the promotional requirements.
3. Remediation/Interventions (R/I)
  a) R/I Strategies may include, but are not limited to, a class within the daily schedule, before or after school class, summer school, Saturday program or Alternative Education placement.
  b) Entry: A student may begin R/I as deemed necessary by the parent/guardian and school officials.
  c) Credit:
      i) A student may earn 5 credits for a failed class by successfully completing a quarter-long R/I strategy with minimal proficiency, as determined by the R/I team.  The R/I strategy will be prescribed based upon the diagnosed reason for the student s deficiency.
     ii) R/I services shall be offered on a space available basis.
  d) Attendance: A student must attend a minimum of 85% of the days in the R/I strategy.

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