Bidwell Junior High School's very first year was back in 1959!

Bidwell Junior High School held its official dedication on Sunday, December 7, 1958 with Principal Hal R. Miller, Jr. (pictured right), Mayor Ted Meriam and Chico State President Dr. Glenn Kendall as speakers.
Here is a 1959 BJHS typing class. Every student has their manual typewriter with their fingers on the "home keys"! Look at those hard, wooden chairs and notice the blackboard in the background (today, Bidwell has white boards and smart boards in almost every classroom).
Bidwell Junior High School was a 7th, 8th and 9th grade school and remained so until 1993. Below, you can see what the covered locker area looked like in 1959. This area was also used for P.E. classes during rainy weather. Today, rooms 105A, 205, 250, and 305A are located here.
......According to some of Bidwell's 1959 students, PE class frequently involved carrying rocks off of Bidwell's back field!

Bidwell Junior High School was named after John and Annie Bidwell
 (pictured below).